National Park Plaza, Estes Park, CO

Jim Sloan, Proprietor of the National Park Plaza was referred to IPOWER Alliance for car charging and solar for the site. 

IPOWER did a deep analysis of their utility usage and billing structures and found that chargers alone would not be profitable due to the demand rates that the Estes Park Utility charges.  IPOWER's analysis showed that solar with batteries plus chargers as the best option for them. But it was still costly.  

Jim was also looking for options and discovered the Freewire charger that has a battery built in.  With this design we could connect to the existing 240 volt transformer and save a lot of money on the installation.

Jim also wanted to install the fastest level 2 chargers we could find and we selected the Blink 19.2 kW chargers.

The site now has a Freewire charger and 4 Blink Level 2 chargers.  All of them on the EV Connect network.