Boulder Nissan, Boulder CO

This project was first designed with Solar and LEDs to reduce the total energy load by 40% allowing the solar to cover 20% of their energy (instead of only 10%).

  • 50 kW SunPower P-series solar array
  • Complete LED upgrade
  • SolSTOR CONTROL energy management system
  • Solar and LED project designed by Diane Dandeneau.
  • Solar sold and installed by Independent Power Systems in Boulder, CO
Boulder Nissan

"My utility bill is the one bill I look forward to seeing every month. The IPOWER team continues to provide us excellent service."
Ted Christiano, GM of Boulder Nissan

IPOWER Alliance continues to work with Boulder Nissan to save money and energy with SolSTOR CONTROLS.   With SolSTOR CONTROLS, we are cutting waste and reducing demand charges by managing when energy is used.