Ehrlich Toyota, Greely CO

In years where the weather includes hail storms, Ehrlich Toyota has experienced damages to unprotected vehicle inventory, costing millions of dollars.
Intermittent power outages in the area have also decreased operating hours, and inconvenienced customers.

  • 37,500 sq ft solar carport
  • Coverage for 200 vehicles
  • 386 kW of SunPower P-Series panels
  • 120% energy offset
  • Solar and HVAC oversight services
  • 228 kWh SolSTORâ„¢ battery backup

This IPOWER project provides income from energy sales and tax benefits, protection for vehicle inventory, and energy resilience during power outages.


Real-time visualization of Demand Intervals

Intelligent HVAC control has been installed that saves elecricity by predicting the needs of building occupants.