Why IPOWER Alliance?

IPOWER experience

We work for you, providing the most cost-effective and resilient energy solutions.

Our Team

We work with the best. IPOWER Alliance includes individuals and companies who have demonstrated superior knowledge and expertise in their areas.  These people and organizations bring engineering, installation, Solar power, LEDs, Batteries, Car Chargers, Demand Management software and Building energy management hardware.


Diane Dandeneau, Founder and CEO

IPOWER Alliance was founded by Diane Dandeneau to provide the most intelligent multi-measure energy solutions for our customers.  Ms. Dandeneau has been involved in renewable energy and energy efficiency work for over 30 years. As sales director for several leading solar and energy efficiency companies, she helped grow these companies by being customer focused. Now, she is pleased to bring together an extraordinary team of professionals to provide exceptional service and solutions to our customers.


VPS is the world’s leading supplier of hail, heat and UV protection for the automotive, asset protection and covered parking industries. They have the capacity, experience, and expertise to provide solutions that have been proven effective over many years, reducing hail damage to vehicles while simultaneously providing protection from the damaging effects of heat and UV exposure.

Chris Klinga

Christopher Klinga, P.E.

Solmotiv Design is one of IPOWER Alliance's lead engineering and product design members, led by Christopher Klinga P.E., Solar Product & Project Expert.

Solmotive is a design-driven product innovator with a decade of experience designing, installing, manufacturing, and marketing solar technologies.

Chris is also the Technical Director and Co-Founder of the Architectural Solar  Association (ASA), a 501(c)(6) trade organization focused on harmonizing the solar and building industries.


IPOWER Alliance has selected IKON EFS as our LED lighting partner.  IKON is the nation’s largest comprehensive provider of lighting solutions for auto dealerships. Their expertise, experience and efficient solutions improve your dealership’s appearance AND bottom line. From design and layout to project management, IKON manages your entire lighting transformation.

Caleb Cranford, Information Technology

Caleb is a software developer and information technology consultant who works at IPOWER on the hardware / software stacks that control and monitor our intelligent energy systems. He spends a lot of time thinking about message queues, IoT security, and creative ways to visualize for time-series data.

IPOWER Alliance is always seeking ways to leverage technology innovation, to create efficient resilient energy solutions. Caleb enjoys integrating best-of-breed tools and technology from a number of different disciplines for the benefit of our customers.