Protect Vehicles from Hail Damage

We provide a smarter solutions for inventory protection with the greatest return on investment.

Although solar panels are highly hail resistant (some more than others!), there are other important aspects such as entry heights, side protection, and product choices. IPOWER Alliance provides solutions that are specifically designed for maximizing hail coverage.

Hail protection for car dealerships can:

  • Minimize the risk of inclement weather impacting operations
  • Protect inventory
  • Keep customers comfortable in shaded areas while shopping for cars in summer months
  • Keep cars cool as they shade your inventory from the sun

Reducing damage to inventory (and thus deductibles) allows a faster return on your investment when combined with a 30% federal tax credit, insurance premium discounts, and savings on your monthly energy bill.

VPS Integrated Canopies

IPOWER Alliance has co-developed the leading solar integrated hail protection solution with VPS.  VPS is the world’s leading supplier of hail, heat and UV protection for the automotive, asset protection and covered parking industries. They have the capacity, experience, and expertise to provide solutions that have been proven effective over many years, reducing hail damage to vehicles while simultaneously providing protection from the damaging effects of heat and UV exposure.

Auto dealers in hail-prone regions often don’t have the luxury of land availability to add renewable energy solutions such as solar (PV) power generation. Additionally, their showroom and service buildings may not have enough roof area for these arrays. Dealers considering hail protection for insurance reasons have the option of adding solar to offset utility costs and hail protection investment by taking advantage of federal and state tax credits.

Showcase electric and hybrid vehicles under a protected area that further highlights your dealership as a leader in advanced energy saving technology. In addition, shareholders see increased value in additional fleet protection as well as the energy savings return on investment.

Contact IPOWER Alliance to design your perfect solar integrated hail protection solution.