Managing demand, reducing utility bills and efficiency in the building are key strategies to maximize return on investment for an energy project. IPOWER Alliance is a leader in providing these solutions to our customers.

Did you know that standard grid-tied solar shuts down when the grid power goes out?  SolSTOR intelligent backup allows you to keep running on the backup battery during brownouts and blackouts.

Save thousands on your utility bills by buying power from the grid only when it's cheap. and  when prices are high. When the sun is shining, automatically disconnect from the grid and run your building on solar.

SolSTOR Battery Storage

  • Control the utility grid connection
  • Turnkey solution
  • Off-grid capable
  • Peak-shaving automation
  • Critical load backup
  • Demand Response capable
  • Backup generator capable
  • Integrated controls for solar, building HVAC, and battery


SolSTOR Battery Storage

Wouldn't you rather keep working when the power goes out?